Theme Somg Thursday: “Who’ll Stop the Rain”

22 May

“Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.” 

― Bill Watterson, The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book


It started out rainy again today, storming all last night. Yikes! Enpugh already. But, the skies eventually cleared. The rain can’t last forever. Or,can it?

Creedance Clesrwater Revival

Long as I remember the rain been comin’ down 

Clouds of mystery pourin’ confusion on the ground. 

Good men through the ages tryin’ to find the sun. 

And I wonder still I wonder who’ll stop the rain. 
I went down Virginia (I did drive down Virginia Avenue) seekin’ shelter from the storm 

Caught up in the fable I watched the tower grow 

Five year plans and new deals wrapped in golden chains. 

And I wonder still I wonder who’ll stop the rain. 
Heard the singers playin’, how we cheered for more. 

The crowd had rushed together tryin’ to keep warm. 

Still the rain kept pourin’, fallin’ on my ears 

And I wonder, still I wonder who’ll stop the rain.


“Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.” 

― Bill Watterson, The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book


Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Sometimes You Have to Let Your Hair Down

21 May

Sometimes you just have to let your hair down, even if it gets all tangled and messy.

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


The story of my life has pretty much correlated with my hair styles over the years. This is a very profound observation, if I don’t say so myself.

When I was a young girl, my hair was so thick and curly, that I cried when Mom tried to comb the mass of tangles out. Thus was childhood, tangled, confusing, and unruly.

Then, high school and the 70’s happened. Long straight hair was in. What do you do when you have long frizzy Hispanic hair? Why, I put horrific smelling, scalp burning , chemical straighteners on it. Or, I asked my sister to iron it. Yikes! Teenage and young adult years, trying to fit in, conforming, straightening up, growing up.

Life happens, I had kids, raised my family, and basically, I just didn’t  care what my hair looked like. I was too busy. My hair was in a ponytail 99% of the time. Adult years and motherhood, no time to worry about my hair, too busy worrying about my family, friends and life.

Eventually, things slowed down. I decided to be natural, honest and live simply. Back to the curly hair. Naturally curly hair is a blessing, so I’m told. I never appreciated it when I was younger. Time to appreciate your blessings.

Now, getting older, trauma, drastic change, time to let my hair down. No more tightly wound buns, crazy curly tresses, or death grip pony tails. Time to straighten out again. 

Today, I called my friend Gaby, who is an amazing stylist, and I asked her what she could do with my frizzy curly unruly hair. Three long hours of tedious work later, she worked her magic, yet again on my goofy hair. 

Time to let my hair down. Here we go! 

Golden years, golden hair. My hair is shiny, smooth, untangled and beautiful. Now, time for a beautiful, smooth, untangled life.

See the correlation?

Tuesday Tributes and Farewells: What Would You Like?

20 May

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” 

― Shannon L. Alder


Today, I had the honor of attending the funeral of my dear friends’ father. It was literally standing room only, and the family and pastor had touching stories and humorous tales to share. It was a special tribute to a great man. This is not the time or place to talk about this fond farewell, but this day really got me thinking about how fleeting time is and how we never know when we will leave this earthly life.
When I thought about what my funeral would be like, I didn’t get sad. I actually was quite pleased. I’ve been so blessed with so many people who love me, and I them. I thought of all the things that I thought would make a perfect tribute to my life. I told my friend Lynne about it and she said, “Why don’t you write it down and tell your family now?” I think I will. Here ya go.
Here’s my funeral…I’d absolutely love for ALL my friends and family (actual  family) to attend if they are able to, but, if they are far away and it’s a lot of trouble, by all means, just raise a glass and toast to me with a shot of Tequilla or a Black Russian (with chocolate ice cream of course.) I’ll be with you in spirit.
Then, ABSOLUTELY NO fancy flowers and huge sprays of roses. This is not necessary and this is not me. I’ve always lived a simple and frugal life. I wouldn’t ask for donations to a certain charity in lieu of flowers, but rather ask you to go have dinner with your family and friends, and spend time with each other. Maybe share a few stories about me. Good ones only, please. What am I thinking? That’s the only kind there could be.
Because I do love flowers, mostly painting them, if you’d like to bring a single rose to place in one of my handpainted vases, it would be wonderful to see the vases filled with single roses from people I loved. (And I will be watching, so I will see.) A single rose is supposed to signify simplicity and gratitude. I like that.

Red (Single) “I Love You”

Light Pink Admiration, Sympathy, Gentleness, Grace, Gladness, Joy, Sweetness

Yellow Joy, Gladness, Friendship, Delight, Promise of a new beginning, Welcome Back, Remember Me, Jealousy, “I care”

Single – any color Simplicity, Gratitude


Then, there must be chocolate, lots of chocolate. Please bring brownies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, chocolate anything to share. If there is a gathering afterwards, no fancy dinner, how about a chocolate fountain? Don’t forget to invite my firemen buddies at stations 5 and 2. Now, that’s a celebration of my life.


“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” ― Shannon L. Alder


Montage Monday

19 May

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” 

― Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol


A very wonderful week. Friends, firemen, horses, walking, music, and mayhem. A week in a peek.


Sunday Sermon and Some More Songs and Stuff From Saturday Night.

18 May

Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” 
― Maya Angelou


Sunday sermon. This week we celebrated the Ascension of Jesus into heaven, leaving behind his earthly body and promising to return again. My take… the ultimate sacrifice, God sent his son to live among us, teach us, and show His unconditional love by dying on the cross. He rose again, ascended into heaven and will return. If we follow His teachings, we will enter the kingdom of heaven. Good stuff.

Another moving part of the service is the singing. I enjoy singing along and hearing the choir. Music touches my heart.


Speaking of music, I wanted to share the fun Saturday evening at Cadillac Pizza Pub on the Square. My friend Linda Grossman said she was going to listen to Maylee Thomas-Fuller Band and asked if I wanted to join her and some friends. Well, of course. I love live music, especially if it’s right here in McKinney. 

I’ve heard the band before at outdoor venues, but at the pub, close quarters and sitting just a few feet away, it was an awesome experience. I still have ringing in my ears. Maylee was burning up the stage, starting off with a tribute to B B King.


We had a big table by the stage. Johnny B, DJ from KLAK and his lovely wife Julie joined us, along with  a few more of Linda’s friends. Everyone sang along to the classics, especially when Johnny got up and sang “Johnny Be Good.” When I left at midnight, the band was still rockin’.

Linda and me.

Linda and Maylee.


Johnny B belting out “Johnny Be Good.”

Whether it be a soft church choir hymn or a deafening rendition of “Purple Rain,” I love music. All music.

Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” 
― Maya Angelou

Sentimental Saturday:What a Didifference a Year Makes

16 May

When life clips your wings, God sends you angels to help you fly.

~Toni Andrukaitis


“The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.” 
― J.M. BarrieThe Little White Bird


Yesterday, after rain, running, and a broken tooth, I was looking forward to an evening of uplifting spiritual music and friendship. My friend and world’s best realtor (blatant plug), Linda Grossman, had invited me to a Texas God Chicks event at the Sanctuary in McKinney. It was a Christian women’s dinner and musical celebration.

The funny thing is, my friend and neighbor, Sheila Johnson, had invited me to this same event last year. It came at a very low dark time in my life, but the comraderie, friendship, songs, and prayers shared by a room full of faithful loving females was overwhelming. At the end of the function, women who were in need of healing were encouraged to walk up to the front and have one of the many spiritual friends hug them and pray with them.

I remember last year, Sheila held me tight and prayed for God to give me strength and help me heal. This year, I went up to Sheila again, and she said, “Girl, you have come such a long way. You are beautiful and happy and God has smiled on you. We are going to pray for His continued blessing.”

What a difference a year makes. My wings had been clipped, but God sent me many, many, many angels to help me fly. I’m still not soaring on my own, and who knows if my wings will heal completely and I’ll be able to fly solo, but I always have my angels. You know who you are. 


Thank you Linda Grossaman for being one of my many angels.



Friday Free Throws and Fulmination

16 May

“All at once, I couldn’t figure out why I was methodically tossing a spherical object through a toroidal object. It seemed like the stupidest thing I could possibly be doing.” 

― John Green


Yoga is not for me. I can’t sit still, balance or pretend I’m all calm inside. So, when my friend Diane asked if I wanted to go to yoga his morning, I said I’d go to the YMCA with her, but no yoga. I’d work on some machines or something. When I arrived, I rode the stationary bike a while, then went into the empty gym to run a few laps. (I hate treadmills and refuse to use them.) Sometimes I grab a basketball and shoot a few hoops. 

I made a startling discovery while trying to make a basket. Sometime in the past forty years, while I wasn’t looking, I think they changed the distance of the free throw line. I couldn’t make one single free throw. After about thirty failed attempts, I decided to just run and dribble cross court, make a few lay ups then run across again. It felt pretty good, just like the old high school days when we hung out in the park. The only difference now is, I’m not sixteen, I’m in my sixties. Imdid pretty good for an old lady.

I’m going to go back there next week and measure.

When I got home, I ate a little breakfast then went out later for a brisk walk in the drizzly  afternoon. Did I mention That I’m an old lady? I keep forgetting.

So, now for the “fulmination.” I was munching on a handful of mixed that I keep in a big glass jar on the counter. I felt and heard a crunch. Thinking it was just a shell, I spit the contents into the garbage. A few minutes later, I realized I had a gaping hole in my mouth. My crown on my lower back tooth was gone. I carefully sifted through every inch of the garbage. No crown to be found.

I called the dentist and was able to get in right away. That’s the good news. The bad news…$1,500 to replace the crown. Yikes! The end.



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