Today: Inspiration

3 Jan

Today, I was inspired by my friend Liz. She sent me a link to a writer, Cathy C. Hall, that she follows. Cathy’s message was, that as writers, we need to write every day. But also, we need to encourage other writers. Well, consider me encouraged. My young friend, Jacque, in New York, inspires me with her daily photos. My sister JoAnn and my mom encourage me with words of praise. All my friends all laugh at my stories and comment on their commiseration. My friend, Stan Crader, is always an inspiration with his third published book on my night stand. The class I took with author Patricia Burroughs was an accelerant, if that’s a word? She also stresses reading every day. So, that is what I plan on doing.

The book I am reading today is very inspirational. It will not help me in my writing endeavors, but certainly will be helpful in my daily struggles.



One Response to “Today: Inspiration”

  1. Donna January 3, 2013 at 9:34 pm #

    Maybe Buck needs to read the book??

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