Forgetful Friday

26 Jan


Did you enjoy my blog on Friday? Of course not! I forgot to post it! I’m such a space queen, or perhaps it’s old age or sensory overload. Either way, I was so busy replying to emails, commenting on blogs and posting pictures on Facebook, that I plum forgot to post my blog.

Friday was such a cool day, too. I ran a bunch of errands, stopped at Papa Murphy’s to pick up our traditional Friday night pizza for after art class. I had my shopping cart parked outside the window at Papa Murphy’s, and I stopped to take a picture of Miss Karri and Justin, who prepared my pizza. I told them, “You never know when I might need a picture for my blog.” When I walked outside, my cart was being rescued from the middle of the parking lot by a young Albertson’s employee. I guess my cart got tired of waiting for me, and was heading over to my car by itself.

When I returned home, I unpacked the groceries and packed up my car for my senior art class over at Towne Creek. Everyone was excited because we were going to paint glass bowls for the February Empty Bowls fundraiser at St. Peter’s Church in McKinney. We had a few people still sick, so the group was small. A couple teenagers and their little sister were visiting with their grandma in the hallway, and they popped into the activity room to see what we were doing. Well, to make a short story long, we invited them to join us. Their grandma and mother sat and visited while the girls painted. They loved the fact that the bowls would be given to attendees of the fundraiser for their $20 contribution to help feed the hungry and less fortunate.

The bowls turned out great, everyone had fun painting, and the group learned new painting techniques. The grandmother, Patricia, who had just visited with us and didn’t want to paint, was so moved by our gesture, that she insisted that I accept $10. She knew that I supplied all the materials, paints and snacks every week, and she wanted to show her appreciation for what we do. After a long argument, I graciously accepted her donation, but told her that I was going to buy more bowls with her contribution, and hopefully next week she would join us. These senior residents have very little money, so $10 was a huge gift. I was humbled by her generosity.

I always tell everyone that they are welcome to join us. When you share the gift of art, you share the gift of friendship. I have made the most wonderful friendships that will last a lifetime.







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