Super “BOWL” Sunday: No Football Involved

3 Feb

Our local art group, the Young At Heart of McKinney, finished hand-painting our twentieth glass bowl on Friday, for the Empty Bowls charity event at St. Peter’s Church that will be held on Feb. 21st. None of us are members of this church, but we are all members of a caring and generous community. The empty bowls will be given or auctioned off to attendees, to remind them of the many empty bowls of those who go hungry every day. Our group had so much fun creating these masterpieces. I had the pleasure of baking the finished products in my oven today, and seeing them all beautifully displayed on my dining room table after they cooled. (Yes, you do have to bake the glass paint for a sturdier finish.)They are so colorful and creative. I wish I could keep them all.

I had to smile when I thought about the big game today. When most of the country will be watching the Super Bowl, I’ll be watching the twenty “super bowls” that are sitting on my table. They will make their way to St. Peter’s this week, but I’ll get to enjoy their company for a little while. Unlike the Super Bowl, here, there are no losers, only winners. A win-win event!






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