Friday, Friends and Firemen

9 Feb

Friday is my volunteer day. I usually bake or cook something special for my senior art group, so today, I decided cupcakes were in order. But, one box of cake mix makes two dozen cupcakes. What a dilemma! I know, I know, I had several people say, “Bring them over here any time.” My modus operandi is usually to take one dozen with me to Towne Creek and take the other dozen over to my local fire station.

I made two dozen tasty cranberry cupcakes with homemade cranberry cream cheese frosting with a cute marshmallow heart for decoration. They turned out adorable. I made a huge mess in the kitchen, as usual, then packed up my car with my art supplies and cupcakes, then headed over to station #5.

I picked up the station phone in the front entry, as I have dozens of times, but this time there was no answer. A recorded message stated, “No one is available at this time. If this is an emergency, dial 911.”

Hmmm? Was this a cupcake emergency? Maybe not. Before I drove away, I decided to check out the back entrance. Sometimes the firemen are working on equipment and can’t answer the front entrance. I noticed that the door was propped open, and people were busy elsewhere. So, I just popped inside, set the cupcakes on a nearby table, and went on my way. I thought it would be a nice surprise when they discovered a dozen delicious cupcakes later.

My senior art group raved about the cupcakes so much, that I was forced to try one myself. I very rarely partake, always making sure there is plenty for everyone else. Everyone was surprised and Karen even said, ” I’ve got to see this. Toni’s eating a cupcake.” O.K., it was worth every bite.

So, today was a Friday of friends and firemen. Oh yes, and yummy cupcakes.


One Response to “Friday, Friends and Firemen”

  1. murfun2 February 9, 2013 at 2:46 pm #

    Those cupcakes look so cute with the marshmallow heart on top.

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