Another Frivolous Friday: I Watch Too Much TV

16 Feb

I confess, I watch way too much TV. How about you? It’s not always that I’m watching TV, sometimes it’s just background noise while I do other things. Like right now, I’m watching, or should I say, listening to recorded episodes of “Jeopardy” while thinking of what to write for today’s blog. I’m not sure how much I actually hear, but I did guess the correct answers to a bunch of questions. “What is MoMa, Museum of Modern Art, Alex?” I knew that one! I guess a lot and shout out my answer, but then, I’m not wagering real money, so it doesn’t much matter.

The nice thing about a DVR is, it records countless, mindless TV episodes that I can watch later at my leisure. When I got up in this morning, I watched four episodes of Dr. Oz in less than an hour by fast forwarding past commercials and zipping through the dumb visuals of plastic poop and simulated green slime mucus. Then, I saw two recordings of Ultra Eye featuring the New York art scene and the other, the beauty that is Rome. Again, less than an hour.

I called Mom around 9 am, while sliding by several HGTV shows. Then a cup of tea saw me through the recordings of “Suits,” and “Person of Interest.” The day continued like that, emptying the dishwasher and making pasta salad while listening to Fox 4 News at 12. Maybe that’s why my head is so full of useless trivia and insignificant information. I probably can pack fifty hours of vital television viewing into an eight hour day of zombie watching. Yep, I watch way too much TV. Thank goodness I’m done writing this blog because “Blue Bloods” is on in ten minutes and I haven’t even had dinner yet.




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