Successful Sunday: What’s In The Oven?

18 Feb

Sunday is my day off. That’s my big joke, because every day is my day off. I’ve been procrastinating all week. My kitchen table was laden with thrift store glassware, enamel paints, brushes and a dozen champagne flutes for days. So, Sunday was my self-inflicted deadline to get off my lazy butt and get some painting done.

I planned on painting a dozen champagne flutes for a wedding shower gift and a few small vases that I bought at the Samaritan Inn Thrift Store. These vases are my trash to treasure finds that I use for special gifts. A hand painted vase with a dozen roses is always appreciated by friends, and recycling and repurposing inexpensive vases makes these gifts even more meaningful.

Glass painting is fun and easy. I use Folk Art Enamel paints, clean the glass with alcohol, paint using One Stroke Painting techniques, let dry a couple hours then bake 30 minutes in the oven. Voila! Homemade gifts. Any questions? Just ask me. So, instead of my usual lazy Sunday, I had a very successful Sunday. Guess what’s in the oven right now?




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