Friday: Following the Sunset

2 Mar

Every Friday evening, I drive heading west down the same road at the same time, 6:05. My radio is blasting some tune from the 70’s, as I sing along, my head bobbing up and down like a teenager. Yes, I’m a sixty year old teenager, and I don’t care.

Spring is attempting to emerge, with tiny sprouts of green popping through the grey-brown dormant grass, with daffodils protruding bursts of gold from their winter hibernation. But, what amazes me this time of year are the sunsets. The glorious sunsets. The colors could never be duplicated on a canvas. When I see these spectacular miracles of nature, I drive home as fast as I can, (minding the speed limit, of course) to the highest unencumbered point in my neighborhood. There’s a perfect spot, high up on the hillI, where I can capture the moment. I fumble for my camera or iPhone, then start snapping away.

I find myself chasing the sunset in many ways. Hopefully, I will catch it one day.

The golden glow of winter
Slowly courses into Spring
With hues that pale the rainbow
That only dusk can bring.


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