Monday Memories: Farewell J.R.

12 Mar

Monday is usually a slow television day, but today was the episode of “Dallas” where old J.R. Ewing was laid to rest. The original show aired from 1978-1991. Our young family had a tradition of gathering around the TV on Friday nights to watch “Dallas.” The best part was when the signature theme song would come on, because we would all stand up and march around the room until the song ended. Even though we lived in Chicago, the exploits of the Ewing family captivated us for many years. It’s kind of ironic now, because we live just north of Dallas, and the new episodes bring back old memories of pizza, laughing and marching around the family room.

J.R. was the ultimate TV villain, but I couldn’t help but shed a few tears when the television family/cast had to say their good-byes on camera. That had to be tough. I have a lot of fond memories of “Dallas,” Friday nights, and silly marching. We’ll miss you J.R.


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