Saturday: Sun and Fun on the Square

16 Mar

It was a glorious Saturday in McKinney, Texas. With nothing on my agenda, I decided to take some of my paints, brushes, and blank note cards, and head over to Snug on the Square for a yummy breakfast. After breakfast, I set up my paints and worked on a few note cards.



My old/new friend Tommy, the wandering Troubadour, was sitting on a bench, playing some toe-tapping melodies. I bumped into a few friends while soaking in the sunshine and painting. Oh, I also bumped into Mayor Brian Loughmiller and wife, Donna, as I was getting ready to leave. We chatted a while about my Towne Creek senior art group, his re-election campaign, and tennis. Where else can you chat with the mayor on a street corner, and he even knows your name? McKinney is a great town.


Before leaving, I couldn’t resist sitting on the bench with Tommy while he played a few more tunes. I even sang along, took some photos, and watched the people pass by, dropping dollar bills into the black guitar case. Tommy said it was a good day.


Right now, I’m home, sitting on the back patio with the dogs, my iPad and some more sunshine. What a great day!


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