Sidecar Sunday: Sharing and Pairing

17 Mar




We’re standing here up on the hill
Watching cars and trucks drive by.
The hunters shoot and try to kill
We cannot fathom why.
How would you like it if we came
And broke into your house?
It sure would be a crying shame
If we killed your kids and spouse!

Toni Andrukaitis

I always enjoy Seth Johnson’s wonderful photography, and I always find his photos a source of inspiration for a poem. I love the way artists can inspire each other. If you get a chance to visit his site, you’ll be inspired too.

Here’s the pairing. A couple of wild and crazy dogs, taking a little nap…thank goodness. They’re driving me nuts! So far today, Buck jumped up on me, spilling my hot tea all over me, grabbed my notecards that I painted yesterday from the middle of the dining room table and ate 2 of them, stole a cut lime from the kitchen, chewed up the back door welcome mat, and has scratched at the door to be let out at least 50 times. What’s he up to now? It’s not even 2 pm. Help!!!



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