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Friday Night Lights: “The Call of the Wild”

20 Apr

Our pup Buck was named after the lead character in Jack London’s classic novel, “The Call of the Wild.” Our Buck is not quite a year old, and the only thing he has in common with the novel’s heroic dog, is the word “wild.” He has chewed up everything in sight and gets into everything.


I must admit, he is very talented, though. Buck lets himself in all the doors of the house by jumping on the door handles. He also helps himself to anything on the counters, tables, and dressers. He has turned off the TV while chewing the remote control, turned on the DVD player while stretching his long limbs, and I’m not sure yet, but he may have made a few long distance calls on my cell phone. The other day, he stole the flashlight and somehow managed to turn it on. I chased him all around the house trying to take it away from him. After about the fourth race around the family room, I started laughing uncontrollably and grabbed my camera. He probably thought it was too dark, and he had great fun having me chase him. Thus, the Friday night lights…

“Come on, catch me if you can!”

“Hey, can you see OK over there? Follow the light.”

“At the first step upon the cold surface, Buck’s feet sank into a white mushy something very like mud. He sprang back with a snort. More of this white stuff was falling through the air. He shook himself, but more of it fell upon him. He sniffed it curiously, then licked some up on his tongue. It bit like fire, and the next instant was gone. This puzzled him. He tried it again, with the same result. The onlookers laughed uproariously, and he felt ashamed, he knew not why, for it was his first snow.”
― Jack London, The Call of the Wild

“What’s this white fluffy stuff? Doesn’t taste like snow!”

Theme Song Thursday: Rainy Days and Mondays

19 Apr

“It was a dark and stormy night…” Just had to throw that old cliché opening line in. But, it actually was a stormy night and a gloomy morning. Wednesday I played tennis, got a little sun burn in the afternoon, and the inside of my house said 85. Today, the temp dropped into the forties, the morning was dark and rainy, and my mood matched the day. Thus, the following song.

If you read the lyrics, you might relate, as I did, to the profound words. I do talk to myself, nothing seems to fit…(clothes too tight), and today, all I did is hang around the house.

“Rainy Days And Mondays”

Talkin’ to myself and feelin’ old
Sometimes I’d like to quit
Nothing ever seems to fit
Hangin’ around
Nothing to do but frown
Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.

What I’ve got they used to call the blues
Nothin’ is really wrong
Feelin’ like I don’t belong
Walkin’ around
Some kind of lonely clown
Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.

Funny but it seems I always wind up here
with you
Nice to know somebody loves me

Funny but it seems that it’s the only thing to do
Run and find the one who loves me.

What I feel has come and gone before
No need to talk it out
We know what it’s all about
Hangin’ around
Nothing to do but frown
Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.


Wednesday: Words of Wisdom

18 Apr

They drive me crazy, but at the end of the day, they are best friends, and man’s best friend. We can learn a lot from our pets. Your pets love you unconditionally. They don’t care what you look like, or the color of your skin, your religion, or what language you speak. They always understand you and are always happy to see you. Yes, we can learn a lot from them!


A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.
Jim Morrison

Tribute Tuesday: Seniors Honor Local McKinney Firefighters with Appreciation Lunch

17 Apr

Today, I had the privilege of joining my senior friends at Towne Creek Apartments in honoring local firefighters with an appreciation lunch. This charming group of residents chipped in for food and supplies, cooked, baked, and decorated their activity room in preparation for the arrival of local McKinney firefighters and EMT personnel. They wanted to show their gratitude to the men and women in blue who always respond to their emergency calls so quickly and with such kindness.

The room was buzzing with anticipation as the ladies warmed the food and cut cakes and pies. Everything was prepared by noon, the invitation being for 12 to 2pm. When the first red vehicle pulled up at 12:20, hearts were racing. When the firemen shyly entered the room, they were greeted with applause and cheers.

A few minutes later, a fire truck and ambulance full of first responders from Station #1 entered to another warm welcome and round of applause. The residents at Towne Creek were delighted to be able to show their appreciation by hosting a luncheon and getting a chance to serve those who serve the community.




All the ladies had outdone themselves with all their cooking and baking, which meant a ton of left over food. I had baked my usual brownies, and had a small container in my car that I was going to take over to Station #2 on my way home, so the ladies packed up all the remaining trays of brisket, chicken, salads, veggies and desserts for me to take to the station.

Miss Nelma wanted to come along to help with the delivery, so we drove over with my car packed to the brim with food. It took the guys at Station #2 a couple trips to take all the food in. The men were so delighted that they asked if we’d like to come in for some tea. How sweet is that? We declined the tea, but said we’d love to see the station. Miss Nelma enjoyed the personal tour, asking questions and sharing stories.

There is no greater feeling than showing your appreciation and saying thank you to those who do so much for us. Every day should be appreciation day! Is there someone you want to thank?

The guys at Station #2

Miss Nelma loved the personal tour and charming firefighters

Monday Mayhem

16 Apr

Such a tragic day at the Boston Marathon today. I’m not really in the mood to be witty or funny. The television had nothing on but videos of the tragedy for endless hours. It’s just a shame that with all our technology and abilities that we cant share this planet with everyone. Why do people need to hate, to harm, and to kill? I just don’t understand. Hug your loved ones and hold them close.

There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.
Howard Zinn


Sunday: The Sun Also Rises

14 Apr

Saturday was just a blur. By mid afternoon, a blinding migraine headache ruined my exciting morning on the Square with friends. Thank goodness the sun also rises on Sunday.

Starting the day with a great breakfast at Snug on the Square was a given. Tommy the wandering troubadour was playing his soulful songs as my friend Karen and I wandered around the Arts in Bloom event Saturday morning.

Tommy’s back in McKinney
We bumped into Mayor Brian Loughmiller at Snug and strolling around the Square.

Dozens of our artist friends were displaying their works and talents.
Lynne Hubner, an amazing printmaker, made prints of a huge woodcut by inking and pressing with a huge landscape water filled roller and children sliding over the paper in their socks. Way cool!

Jeni Tomlinson was painting a very large canvas of a McKinney May Day event from years gone by.

Lynda Kingsley was at the state fair the day Old Tex caught on fire. She captured the event in watercolor for future generations.

There were so many artists and crafts people, I couldn’t capture them all. Musicians were playing on every corner. It was great bumping into friends and enjoying a marvelous McKinney day.

Sick as a Dog Saturday

14 Apr

Saturday started out to be an amazing day. But now, I sit here with a debilitating migraine headache, so the highlights will wait for another day. To add insult to injury, the dogs are driving me nuts. So, I’ll leave you with the crazy dogs in my face all night.


Friday: Fun, Friends and Video Tapes

13 Apr

Where does the week go? I swear, one day it’s Sunday, then you blink and its Friday. My morning involved the usual dog and crazy puppy nonsense, food, treats, in and out, out and in, tearing around the house and tearing up the house. My momentary reprieve was a quick trip to the store to get some snacks and pick up a couple Papa Murphy pizzas for my afternoon painting group at 2. On the way home, I stopped at the tennis courts to watch my friends win a make-up match from Wednesday’s rainout, then home.

A couple hours later, feed the dogs again, and pack up the car with my art supplies and pizzas. Everyone always asks me, “What are you going to work on today?” The reply is usually the same,”I don’t know until I get there and see what they want to do or whatever comes to me. We always wing it.”

A few weeks back, I met this sweet lady named Jane at Snug on the Square. I had invited her to join our painting class at Towne Creek anytime. She said she never painted and would love to learn. I promised her that if she came to just one class, I could teach her to paint bluebonnets. Well, she showed up today, and guess what? Here’s a picture of Jane and her masterpiece after about an hour of practice. Wow! Great job Jane!


Another friend, Krys stopped by. She wanted to give the bluebonnets a try too. She was a natural.


Miss Nelma was kind enough to take a video of my quick bluebonnet demonstration so I could post it on YouTube. I always wanted to do that. Now I can strike that off my bucket list. I’ve done a zillion painting demos and always say afterwards, “Man, this turned out great. I wish I had this on video.” Duh!

You may or may not get this video link on your post. I can’t figure out when it posts or not.


So, my Friday was filled with fun and friends, and now captured for posterity on video. I just may do that more often.

Theme Song Thursday: Happy Days

12 Apr

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.
– Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

That Oscar was a very “Wilde” and wacky guy, wasn’t he? But, he was very wise. I want to be one of those people who cause happiness wherever I go. How do you do that, you might wonder? Just be yourself and be happy.


These Happy Days are your’s and mine, Happy Days.

Happy Days theme (short version)
Sunday, Monday, Happy Days.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days.
Thursday, Friday, Happy Days.
Saturday, What a day,
Groovin’ all week with you.

These days are all,
Happy and Free. (Those Happy Days)
These days are all,
Share them with me. (oh baby)
Goodbye grey sky, hello blue.
There’s nothing can hold me when I hold you.
Feels so right, it can’t be wrong.
Rockin’ and rollin’ all week long.

These days are all,
Share them with me. (Those Happy Days)
These days are all, Happy and Free.
These Happy Days are your’s and mine, Happy Days.

Wednesday: One Hundred Days and Counting

11 Apr

There are many challenges in life, some we have no control over, and others are self-inflicted. When I took on the challenge of writing a blog, my greatest concern was, what could I possibly write about and how long will I be able to continue?

Well, a hundred days have come and gone. Writing everyday hasn’t been a burden, but rather a blessing. It has opened my eyes to the wonders of everyday life. The one thing I have discovered is, when you look at each day like a story or a screenplay, your mundane life becomes very interesting.

Sharing is important, but my greatest pleasure has been all the people I have met during this adventure. Well, I really haven’t met any of the 111 strangers that are following my blog, but they have become friends. They are a part of my life because they are sharing my every day adventures, and I am sharing theirs. Of course, I have friends and family that I bombard with my blog, but they read my ramblings because they love me and feel obligated. I’ve been annoying them for years.

So, I’d like to send out a special THANK YOU to all of you out there who are reading this today. You are very special to me. I enjoy reading your stories, seeing your fabulous photos, and learning from you. Please let me know what’s going on in your life, and I’ll keep you posted on my goofy dogs, my art, crafts, writing, great family, friends, and past memories and future adventures.

Day One Hundred

The puppy insisted on bringing a muddy rock into the house.

I did some glass painting. Guess what’s in the oven as we speak?

Fixin’ to chocolate dip some brownie bites just for no reason other than it sounds good.