Just Another Tuesday in Texas

8 May

“The stars at night are big and bright,” and the drivers are mucho crazy deep in the heart of Texas. There’s nothing more exciting than a round trip drive to DFW airport during rush hour, and lets add a little road construction to the mix. One thing I’ve noticed about drivers here in the Lone Star State is the use of turn signals on cars are totally optional. Oh, and those lines separating the lanes, yes, also optional. I feel like a cat with nine lives, and I use all of them every time I get on the tollway.

“Life in the Fast Lane” should be the state song, and the state bird should be the roadrunner. Beep…beep. I learned to drive in Illinois where the speed limit is 55 on interstate highways. It’s 70 in Texas. I was going 70 in the middle lane, and drivers were zipping past me like I was a turtle. If I drove any faster, I’d get a nose bleed.


Yep, everything is bigger in Texas, and a whole lot faster. But, if you get a split second to glance out the window, there sure is some pretty scenery. Where else can you zip down the highway and see longhorn steers grazing and bluebonnets painting the landscape?


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