Wednesday Words of Wisdom

9 May

I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.
Lao Tzu

Oh, if it were that easy! I think I can handle the simplicity thing, and I think I’m pretty compassionate, but lately, my patience has been over-taxed. Is there a special class for puppy patience? Buck is officially one year old, but still a crazy mischievous puppy. He has to be watched every second of every day. He’s outside right now chasing those bugs that bounce up against the windows after dark. Well, he doesn’t just chase them, he eats them. At least it keeps him busy for a few minutes.

Last week when he was out chasing bugs, he must have gotten up-close and personal with a snake because an hour later his paw was all swollen and it slowly worked up his leg. Long and short, he’s still alive and kicking. He was actually quiet, still, and whining for one whole evening. Lord forgive me, but I enjoyed the short night of peace? The vet gave us some pain killers and antibiotics, which had him back to his crazy self in 24 hours. Darn!

Today was the last straw! I heard some scraping noise. I thought he was just chasing bugs and bumping into furniture. But noooo! He had climbed up on the patio table and dragged down the flower planter. He was having a great time digging through the flowers and eating dirt. It took all my patience to refrain from “canineicide.” I made that up…it means not killing your canine.

So, where is old Lao Tzu when I need him?



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