Sittin’ Around Sunday: Happy Mother’s Day

12 May

Hey, it’s Mother’s Day! Just another excuse to sell cards, flowers, and candy? Maybe, but let’s face it, everyone has or had a mother at one time or another. Sadly, some don’t know who their moms were, others wish they didn’t know them, (a few zillion teenagers, I’m sure) and some people like me have the best mom in the whole wide world.

Love ya, Mom!

It’s already after 5pm, and I haven’t done anything all day besides sip tea, read the paper, check my emails, and peruse my Facebook page. Wait a minute, I do that every Sunday! So, how is today special? Well, today both my sons called and wished me a happy Mother’s Day. I always enjoy hearing from them, but I was feeling a bit sorry for my self. (Boo-hoo.) Phone calls are great, but you can’t tie them up with a pink ribbon and put them in the drawer next to the baby shoes and noodle necklaces. I kept thinking, “Why can’t they send a stinkin’ card? Would it kill them to pop into Walgreens and pick up a stinkin card?”

I convinced myself that I should be content. I have two wonderful sons who love me. Just get over it! Then, during my lengthy conversation with Joe, he asked, “Did you get my card?” Oh my! I said, “I got the mail yesterday. Didn’t see a card.” Well, now I was excited. A card? He sent a card! He DID think of me, stopped at the store and bought a stinkin’ card. That really made my day! Maybe I’ll get it tomorrow. After we spoke, I walked over to the front door and found a large priority mail envelope outside on the porch. The mailman probably couldn’t fit it in the mailbox and left it out front.


So now, I’m happy as a clam, (not sure why clams are happy) sitting around watching endless, mindless episodes of the “Jesse Stone” marathon on the Hallmark Channel, (I love Tom Selleck) listening to the birds chirp, writing this blog, and enjoying a wonderful Mother’s Day. Have a great day!


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