Tuesday Tips from Toni: Take Time

14 May

Tip Número Uno: Take time out to enjoy each day, even if it’s five minutes on the phone, an hour in front of the TV, or lunch with a friend. Today, I had lunch with my talented artist friend, Ed Hernandez. We met at El Juarez Mexican Restaurant off the Square. I’d never been there, and it was yummy, home cooked food. I tried something new, and that’s not like me. Progress! (Notice the Spanish influence in my numbers?)

Tip Número Dos: Take time to celebrate life. Today was Sandra’s birthday, (owner of Snug) and her parents surprised her with a visit. Happy Birthday, Sandra! Glad I was able to share the day.


Tip Número Tres: Take time to play with your food. I always make funny faces with my brownie mix, and today, I was making brownies. (So, what else os new?) Yes, I’m a bit crazy, but that’s what makes me…ME.

Tip Número Cuatro: Take time to see the beauty in all things. I was spooning out some melted chocolate to drizzle over afore mentioned brownies, when I saw a beautiful rose taking shape. As I scraped out the liquid brown gold with a spoon, delicate petals created a chocolate rose. (Fancy way of saying I was licking the bowl) Art is everywhere! Mmmmm, chocolate good! (Say that in your Cookie Monster voice!)

Tip Número Cinco: Take time to share with others. I have been so blessed. It seems like every day is a wonderful adventure and I want to crow about it to the whole world. Caw…caw…caw! I feel that when I recount my adventures and share my thoughts, it’s like everyone gets to share my joy. Hope so! Here’s hoping you have a joyful day!


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