Super Busy Saturday

26 May

Guess where I am? Instead of where’s Waldo?

On a plane to…… ?
The day started with a 5 am wake-up. My dear husband took me to the airport.(Now, he gets to stay home and watch the dogs 24/7 and go crazy.) I’m spending this weekend with my sons, then later to Mom’s. After arriving, the boys and I had a nice relaxing brunch. Then we spent a few hours at one of my favorite places in the world. Guess where?


I’ll share some photos of the masterpieces inside.




After a lot of walking, we went to a movie. Take another guess? What movie?

Yes, I am a Trekki! I’m exhausted, but I boldly went where I haven’t been since last year around this time. So, I bid you goodnight and “Live long and prosper.”

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