Sunday:Everything’s Coming Up Roses…Again

2 Jun


I’ve been a busy gal, but not physically busy. I spent hours yesterday sitting and painting some vases for Mom. I brought the enamel paints from home. Most people carry their little shampoo and healthcare products in those small ziplock bags in order to get through security at the airport. Not me. I had five 2 oz. bottles of paint. Mom loves my roses, so I figured I’d paint a dozen or so clear glass vases for her to give as gifts. She likes to give homemade birthday gifts, so this will be perfect. I just hope she doesn’t give them all away the minute I leave. She is very generous, and she has a lot of friends.

I thought I’d take a quick video of Mom admiring her new vases. After the third take, this is what was captured. The previous videos said things like, “Is it on? Am I suppose to talk now?” She is so adorable…

Whenever I’m with Mom, “Everything’s Coming Up Roses.”

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