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Theme Song Thursday: Books

1 Aug

You cannot open a book without learning something.


So many books, so little time. I was inspired to go through a ton of paperbacks and old VCR tapes that have been sitting around collecting dust for years. Does anyone even have a VCR anymore? So, I packed up a box and four big shopping bags full of afore mentioned material and drove over to Half Price Books. I already knew that paid next to nothing for books to resell, but I figured it was better than dropping them off somewhere else.

After over an hour of glancing at the shelves and sitting in a chair, waiting for my name to be called, my huge stash in the shopping cart was worth a total of $9. My closest guesstimate was an average of ten cents an item. Sacrilege, you might ask? Actually, I was half expecting $4, so I was pleasantly surprised. You see, I buy a lot of books there and I know that I appreciate a bargain and the fact that people want to share their books, music and videos with others.

Here’s a fun song to get you in the mood.