Tuesday True Story: Two Feathers and a Penny

18 Sep

I don’t know about Heaven or Hell, but I do know that we are visited all the time by the spirits of those who affected us in life.
Mitch Albom
You either believe or you don’t. I believe! Most of my close friends and family members know my stories about finding lucky pennies. Whenever I am in distress, sad, uncertain or confused, I find a lucky penny on the ground or in the street, usually right at my feet. I heard a psychic on television, about fifteen years ago, talking about how spirits who have passed on, often leave us little signs that they are watching and helping us. She said sometimes they put pennies or shiny items in our path. It could also be a butterfly or a feather, but always a symbol that means something to us.

“If you build it, he will come.” I think if you believe, it will happen. After my father passed away in ’99, I started finding a lucky penny when I really needed a sign that things were going to be OK. Always, always, when I say, “I could really use a penny today,” I find one. Then, I pick it up, look up to the heavens and say to myself, “Thank you, Poppy.” It’s his way of telling me that it’s all going to be fine.

Today, I was feeling pretty low. I had gone to Zumba class and had to sit down a while after getting winded and dizzy. Then, Karen and Mercedes joined me at McDonald’s after class for a drink. We talked and laughed, but I still felt stressed, depressed, and sad. On the way to my car, I thought…yes, you guessed it, ” I could really use a penny right now!” Low and behold, right next to my car, by the driver’s side door, was a shiny penny. I picked it up and screamed out loud, in a big grateful voice, “Thank you, Poppy.”

But, that wasn’t the end of my signs. I have a couple friends who have been finding lucky feathers. Now, I’m finding them, too. Today, I found two lucky feathers in different locations. It was a two feather and lucky penny day. I’m going to be OK. “Thanks, Poppy!”


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