Not So Sunny Sunday

14 Oct

This morning was cloudy, overcast and drizzly. My neighbors next door offered to help trim some trees and bushes in my front and back yard this weekend, and Mr. Johnny came over yesterday and today with his handy power trimmer. The boys hauled away branches, and not to be out done, I got out the hand trimmer and pruned the rose bushes. It wouldn’t sound that tedious, but it was raining on me the entire time. Not a heavy rain, but a fine penetrating mist that actually felt refreshing. Did I mention that I have the best neighbors ever? Well, I do.

The mist stopped around noon, just in time for me to get cleaned up and off to the Square for lunch at Snug with my friend Karen. ( Karen T. From Zumba. I have a couple Karen friends.) It was her first Snug visit, and she loved the food and atmosphere. We strolled around after lunch and enjoyed the cooler temps that the clouds and north winds brought. Another great day. Not a sunny Sunday, but a lovely day, none the less.



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