Sunday: Signs and Sinners

18 Nov

Problems are not stop signs, they are guide lines.
Robert H. Schuller
Every Sunday morning I call mom before she goes to church, and I always say, “Pray for us sinners.” Now that I’m going to church on Sunday mornings too, I do a little of my own praying for us sinners. So, I think we’re covered.

I’m a firm believer of signs, and who knows where the signs come from, but if we believe, well, then we make them happen. After 9 o’clock Mass this morning, I walked around the vestibule and observed the families milling around. There was a nice energy, an electricity of a sort. It felt like a sign, something special. I stepped back inside to take a photo of the crucifix that had mesmerized me during the service.


I decided to treat myself to a late breakfast at my favorite place on the Square. I checked my messages before getting into the car and found that my friend, Linda had called to invite me to join her for lunch. Even better. She met me at Snug and we had a leisurely lunch and chat. Later, I found…not a lucky penny…but a lucky dime. Another sign, and ten times better than a penny. When I find my lucky coins, I take it as a sign that everything will be ok.

My lucky dime.

Now, this is an actual sign. The sign reads SNUG, but it really means a very fun, happy place. When I got home, the sun was shining and it was a gorgeous day, about 86 degrees, and I was moved to change, put on my tennis shoes and go for a long walk. A great Sunday.

So, life is full of signs, we just need to see them. AND, life is full of sinners, so we have to pray for them…some more than others.

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