Sunday Sentiments

24 Mar

“If it’s going to be a world with no time for sentiment, it’s not a world that I want to live in.”
― Christopher Isherwood, A Single Man
Sunday is often a day of prayer, tradition, family and sentiment for many. When I was thinking of what to write about today, I went through my thousands of photos,(yes, I said thousands) to get an idea for my blog. Then, this phrase popped into my head. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” So, I perused my pictures for those four things.

Something old. A photo of my great-grandfather, Popsi. It’s very old.

Something new. I found a “lucky penny” today. That’s new.


Something borrowed. I keep finding feathers. An sentiment of luck borrowed from my friend Lynne.


Something blue. I took this picture from the TV a few months back. I was in awe of the beautiful blue on the screen.

So, that is my Sunday in a nutshell.


I borrowed this too. To fun to pass up.

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