Sunday Sermon and Singer Song Writer Night

14 Apr

Of emotion, of love, of break up, of love and hate and death and dying, mama, apple pie, and the whole thing. It covers a lot of territory, country music does.
Johnny Cash
Today is Palm Sunday. Instead of sharing the sermon, I’ll share my own personal sermon. Patience is a virtue. Mass was very long, with the additional procession, passing out palms, reenactment, and singing. By the time mass was over, the parking lot was jammed with people trying to leave while the next group was looking for parking for the next Mass. So, instead of starting my car, trying to inch my way out into the long line, I just sat in my car for fifteen minutes, leaned back, checked my email on my phone, and practiced patience. That’s my sermon.

It was also a gloomy rainy morning. I went over to MPAC on the Square to help with the last day of the art show and clean up. My friend, Lynne, also helped all afternoon, and when we were done, the sun was out, we got a bite to eat, and Lynne invited me to join her at MPAC for the Crystal and Will Yates performance.

The Yates are extremely talented musicians living in McKinney. Crystal won the Texas title in the state round of the Texaco Country Showcase singer-songwriter competition, accompanied by her husband Will. This evening, there was a watch party at MPAC to support the couple’s success, listen to the story of their lives, and watch their performance at the Texaco Country Showcase. Crystal and Will also performed a future release for the audience.

You know what was the most amazing part of the performance? It wasn’t the music, the fabulous songs, or the support of the audience. It was how Will wiped tears from his eyes when he watched his wife win the award on the big screen, when they both cried on stage when Crystal won the completion, and when the people sitting in the tiny auditorium wiped tears from their eyes when they witnessed the genuine love the couple shared with each other and their fans. It was a moving event.


Country music can be very moving, but what makes it so real, is the heart and soul that the performers pour out from the depths of their total being.

One Response to “Sunday Sermon and Singer Song Writer Night”

  1. agriffith1 April 14, 2014 at 9:02 pm #

    I was one of the criers. People in the audience were laughing because Will’s shoulders shook with actual all out weeping when Crystal won. They weren’t mocking. They were loving seeing a 6’5″ man break down without worrying what anyone thought of him to show how much he cared.

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