Theme Song Thursday: Divine Intervention

23 May

“I’ve been offered proof of God’s existence at regular intervals in my life through experiences so profound they’ve given goose bumps to atheists.”
― Jennifer Skiff, God Stories: Inspiring Encounters with the Divine

What Is the Meaning of Divine Intervention?
Typically, divine intervention means involvement from a god or supernatural deity in the human world. Some people describe divine intervention as being saved from certain death or turning away from destructive habits for seemingly unexplained reasons.

Sometimes divine intervention just means that something or someone comes to your aid when you don’t even realize you need help. Lately, my days, weeks and months have been filled with such experiences, with such friends, with aid when I didn’t realize I needed it.

So, today’s song for theme song Thursday reflects that feeling that so many people experience. Sometimes you just have to let go and let “Jesus Take the Wheel.”
Jesus Take the Wheel



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