Wednesday Words of a Wisdom

10 Jul

“It’s not enough to have the feathers.

You must dare to fly!”
― Cass van Krah
Yesterday was my two penny Tuesday, and this morning I found a lucky feather on the last lap of my fourth walk around the neighborhood. I passed that same spot three times, and I didn’t notice the feather before. Just as I was ready to pick it up, I said to myself, (yes, I talk to myself.) “Ooh! Don’t forget to take a picture for today’s blog post.”

I had a special feeling that that feather was placed in my path today. I needed a feather today. Some angel, I’m not sure which one, as I have several watching over me, was sending me a sign. And, from the looks of it so far, it might be working. I’ll keep you posted. (You know I will.)

I found a feather on my way
To nowhere special yesterday.
It wasn’t there when first I passed,
But greeted me upon the last.
I picked it up and asked not why
Remember, “You must dare to fly.”


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