Tuesday Totem and Other Lucky Signs

23 Jul

One can’t give a grasshopper to a child if one has not caught it yet.
Y’all know I’m a big believer of sign and symbolism. Y’all know I’m from Chicago, so I’m being silly when I say y’all. Yesterday, I found a lucky quarter after house hunting, rushing home and meeting my friend Zelda at Olive Garden for dinner. On he way out, I found a lucky quarter. 25 times luckier than a penny, RIGHT?

I’ve been having some pretty crazy, disappointing days, weeks…let’s face it…it’s been an awful year, but, my spirits are good. I keep finding my lucky coins, feathers, and signs, giving me hope.

Well, after another day of house hunting, Linda and I went back to one of the first houses we looked at. It’s a brand new house. Last time we were there, a beautiful Argiope spider had built his zig-zag web on the outside window. I thought that was good luck. Then today, we saw a grasshopper way up the bricks on the back porch. Grasshoppers are really good luck. I knew this was the house I was meant to to be in. A brand new house for a brand new start. NOW, I just have to keep my fingers crossed that everything else goes smoothly. SO, please cross your fingers, toes and eye balls for me too.

In Native American Indian symbology and tribal lore (specifically the Iroquois nation) grasshopper symbolism deals with messages of glad tiding. In this context, the grasshopper is a harbinger of good news. Indeed, when this creature is seen on spirit walks, it is a sign that the seer will receive profoundly joyful news that will benefit the entire community.

Here’s a quick-list of grasshopper symbolism…

Grasshopper Symbolism and Meanings

Forward Thinking
As an animal totem, the grasshopper appeals to artists, musicians and dancers. To wit, the lilting song this creature emits is an inspiration to our muse; its skittering and jumping is divine choreography. The artist within us all easily recognizes the grasshopper making its own dance steps, and grooving to its own special melody.

The grasshopper moves to its own rhythm and tune, indicating this creature is a advocate of intuition and listening to our inner voices. The grasshopper encourages us to listen to our own stirrings – those beautiful chirping lullaby’s that sing in our hearts are indications of our inner beauty and creativity. The grasshopper totem reminds us these inner musings must never be silenced – rather, they should be nurtured, and always remain as the background music to the performance of our lives.

As with most insect totems, the grasshopper keeps itself to the ground. As such, this is a grounding totem, and the grasshopper can teach us stability, patience, security, and solidarity.

The grasshopper chooses those of us who are innovators, forward-thinkers, and those who progress in life by unorthodox methods. This is because grasshopper symbolism recognizes tremendous leaps of faith, impressive jumps in progress and consistent forward momentum. Those with this totem are likely to aim high, and achieve amazing feats – they take great leaps where others fear to tread (or jump, in this case).

Another special feature of the grasshopper totem is that it calls to those who have natural clairvoyant abilities. Just as the grasshopper uses thousands of tiny eyes to formulate the “big picture” so too do those whom the grasshopper is called. In other words, those with this totem are visionaries. They see things intuitively, seeing beyond what the concrete world holds, and they use this special vision to see the world with a childlike wonder.

We can call upon the grasshopper when we need a sense of adventure in our lives. When we feel stuck in a rut, the grasshopper can bounce us into magical viridian worlds filled awe and joy.

The grasshopper can also help us when we need a little creative inspiration.



My friend and best realtor in the entire state of Texas, Linda Grossman, invited me to a celebration dinner, complete with frosty margaritas and a toast for good luck. SALUD!

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