Frustrating Friday: Close Calls

26 Jul

Whenever you have a tight situation and there’s a close pitch, the umpire gets a squawk no matter how he calls it.
Red Barber
Gosh, lately if I’m not complaining about something, I’m not breathing. Ha! I “squawk” in the good times and the bad. Today was one of those close calls that the umpire almost messed up.

After waiting all day to find out if my home inspection passed or had problems, I was on pins and needles. Well, it didn’t go smoothly and I had to make a judgement call and agree to replace an AC unit or lose the sale of the house. Then, I had to scramble to get to the bank at 3:55 before it closed at 4. More waiting to see if the buyer agreed to the arrangement. Now, get the check for my new house to the sales office before 7pm or loose it. It was 6:45. HELP! A little speeding, adrenalin, and a few Hail Mary’s and it got done.

I came home, sat a few minutes, ranted on the phone to my sister, then went for a long walk in the heat of the night. 94 degrees. My heart is still racing, but I have my feet up and just about to have a Black Russian.

I’m glad the “Umpire” up in the sky decided to make a close call, “Safe!” At least for now.




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