Montage Monday:Packing Up and Other Stuff

5 Aug

“There is always a sadness about packing. I guess you wonder if where you’re going is as good as where you’ve been.”
― Richard Proenneke, One Man’s Wilderness: An Alaskan Odyssey
Another busy day, a three mile walk, snarf down some yogurt, and start packing. The AC guy came and replaced the one unit that had to be replaced. Liz came over around 10:30 to help me pack. Man, we cranked out the china cabinet with hundreds of dishes and little knick-knacks. She was a packin’ dynamo. We went for a quick lunch, then back to work. Mandy came to help around 2:30, more massive packing. The bins and boxes are stacked up everywhere. It was such a productive day. By the time we all collapsed around 5:30, I felt very accomplished. Big dent in the mountain of moving. Thanks, girls!

So, here’s a week in a peek.


That ain’t the half of it!

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