Friday: Free the Moth and a Funny Phone Call

15 Aug

“Between our birth and death we may touch understanding, As a moth brushes a window with its wing”
Christopher Fry quotes (English Writer, 1907-2005)
Last night, a friend came over to pick up an old refrigerator and desk. He had to take the back door of the hinges, leaving the house exposed and open for a couple of hours. All kinds of flying insects decided to come join the party. A big ol’ black moth fluttered in. I tried to shoo him out, but he didn’t cooperate.

This morning, old Mr. Moth lay lifeless by the back door. I carefully picked him up and set him outside on the cool pavement. He flapped his wings a bit, so I was relieved. When I got home from my walk, no moth in sight. Ah! Saved to fly another day. I like to think that I have a gentle heart and a caring soul for all God’s creatures. (Scorpions and snakes the exception. They can be outside, just not in my house.)

My analogy is, sometimes we get attracted to the light, like the moth, and we flutter about through life, crashing into the glass, thrashing about. Hopefully there will be someone to pick you up when you lay helpless on the ground. I’ve been that moth!

Now, my funny phone call… I spent half the day calling electric, gas, phone, and city utilities to change service before I move next week. It was taking FOREVER. I tried doing a few online, but that was taking even longer. Existing accounts said they didn’t recognize my number etc. Well, after three or for hours of exasperating calls and “your wait time will be 17 minutes,” I called the City of McKinney services and they said, “No, you need to call this other number.” So, I jotted down the number and called. Someone answered and mumbled something. I asked, “Is this water billing? I’m moving and have to transfer my service.” A friendly voice on the other end said, “No. You’re probably looking for City of McKinney.” As the soft voice continued, it sounded very familiar. Hmmm?

I asked, “Your voice sounds familiar. Is this Miss Gilda?” Well, it turned out to be my friend, Gilda Garza who works at a different agency. What a small world. I had transposed one number when dialing. But, the good news is, I got to chat with Gilda a few minutes and catch up before trudging along with my phone calls. A nice break.


One Response to “Friday: Free the Moth and a Funny Phone Call”

  1. Yoshiko August 16, 2014 at 1:26 am #

    Even I can imagine myself as the moth hoping to be picked up when helpless


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