Montage Monday: Have a Good One!

16 Sep

“Candy is natures way of making up for Mondays.” ~Unknown Author”
― Rebecca Gober
I like candy and I like Mondays. Hope you’re having a good day and have a great week.

Sometimes starting off the day with the tiniest of accomplishments makes for a good start to a Monday. Today, I cleaned up the mess in the bedroom, unpacked and emptied a few boxes, and put away a bunch of stuff. The bedroom is picture perfect. Granted, I shoved most the stuff into the closet, and that’s a mess, but the bedroom looks beautiful. Closets…another day. Maybe I can just keep shifting boxes and things into different rooms each day, take a picture, and have one nice room. That’s clever.

Later in the afternoon, I met my friend Zelda for lunch at Blue Goose Cantina.(No margaritas) Then, we went to see that new movie, THE DROP. It was pretty good. I usually don’t like that type of movie, but I enjoyed this one.

After I got home, I put on my gym shoes and went for a walk. I talked to my son Joe while I was walking. I got a little distracted and disoriented in this new subdivision, and found myself a little lost. I was just telling Joe, “I may have to GPS myself on the phone and find my house,” when I found a familiar street. Note to self…don’t walk and talk in a brand new place without paying attention. I could have ended up in Oklahoma!

So, it was a good day, a good Monday, and a good start to another week. Hope you have a good one! A WEEK IN A PEEK.



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