Tuesday Tips and Tasks: One Step at a Time

24 Sep

“In order to move forward, you will have to stumble along the way, but every falter in your stride just makes your next step even stronger.”
― Lindsay Chamberlin
My tip for today: Take it one step at a time.

I decided to tackle a little more unpacking and organizing my studio/craft room. After Zumba, I went to Home Depot and bought 3 large shelf units. It took quite a while to put them together, but well worth the effort. The problem was, I had to move a zillion boxes and bins already stacked to the ceiling against the wall where the shelves needed to go.

I also discovered, when attempting to get organized, sometimes you make a huge mess before it gets better. But, I’m going to take it…yes, you guessed it, one step at a time.


This will be an ongoing battle, and will not get done in a day or two. Maybe a month or two, or a year or two.

So, as not to put too much stress or pressure on myself, I worked about 5 hours, then took a break. By take a break, I mean, I went for a walk. It was a gorgeous night.

Tip number two: Take a break and take some pictures.

Here are a couple of pics from my walk.

A lovely sunset. I didn’t find any lucky feathers or pennies. I didn’t save the world by finding any construction nails in the road. BUT, I did bump into a rather large furry creature about the size of my hand.

Tip number three: Always know when to walk away and stay clear of certain furry friends.


I’ve stumbled along the way, but each step is getting stronger.

2 Responses to “Tuesday Tips and Tasks: One Step at a Time”

  1. Quan September 24, 2014 at 2:38 am #

    Thank you for reminding me that even a little bit of progress is progress. 🙂 Also, I saw a similar furry friend out this last weekend… I wonder if it’s their season??

    • toniandrukaitis September 24, 2014 at 3:49 am #

      Yes, a little progress is a good thing.,thanks! As for the large spider, I was just glad it was down the stree and not at my house. I’d probably never sleep again.

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