Saturday:Sights, Sounds, Sittin’ and Sippin’

19 Oct

Success in life is by opportunity and preparation, instead of sitting around waiting for luck, get up and go find your luck.
Blaze Olamiday
An early Saturday morning walk, run over to writing group, then lunch on the Square with Mandy at Brother’s Pizza. It was another gorgeous day. How many more perfect days can we have? We walked around, and stopped at Art On The Veranda. Dana and Judy were teaching a jewelry making class.

One of my all time sittin’ around people watching spots is Sweet Spot Bakery. I actually got a little sun burn today.

Miss Elizabeth was making these adorable high heel cupcakes and taught me how to make them. I love to learn new things.


Aren’t they cute?

Here’s my first attempt at the rose frosting. I think I’m a natural! I told Elizabeth to call me next time she has to frost 70 cupcakes. (What if she takes me up on it?)
After I got home around 6pm, I strapped on my gym shoes and went for another long walk. I walked over to see the friendly horses down the road.

Now, I’m just sittin’ around with my weary band aide feet up, a frosty gin and tonic, my trusty ipad, and some mindless pre-recorded television programs. That’s what I call a beautiful busy day!

Grass doesn’t grow under my feet…or does it?



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