Friday:Funny Shapes and Fiery Skies

8 Nov

“One realized all sorts of things. The value of an illusion, for instance, and that the shadow can be more important than the substance. All sorts of things.”
― Jean Rhys, Quartet
I’m one of those people that sees things a little differently. You know, marches to a different drummer. Besides seeing faces in the brownie mix, I tend to see bizarre things in shapes and shadows.

Yesterday, while walking from the parking lot on the Square, heading over to Sweet Spot Bakery, I saw the most amazing shape made from a puddle. It looked just like a wispy tree, complete with a few scattered leaves. My phone was handy, so I quickly snapped a picture. How cool!

I’m always enchanted by amazing shadows and random shapes. Don’t even get me started on clouds. I see all kinds of glorious shapes in the sky. But, my favorite of all miracles are the sunrises and sunsets that paint the sky each day. How lucky are we to have the entire sky as a canvas that changes hour by hour!


OK, this was just really funny and went along with the cloud thing.

One Response to “Friday:Funny Shapes and Fiery Skies”

  1. Yoshiko November 8, 2014 at 7:20 am #

    Shadows and random shapes are fun to observe


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