Wednesday: Words of Welcome and The Women’s Club

13 Nov

A smile is the universal welcome.
~ Max Eastman
Yesterday, I was torn between two activities. The McKinney Creative Community meets the second Tuesday of the month. I didn’t realize that when I signed up to join the St. Gabriel’s Women’s Club. They meet the same day and time. Decisions? Maybe alternate.

I emailed the President of the group on Monday, and asked her where they meet and if I needed to bring anything. Jo Pond responded to just come a little early, and she would introduce me to a few ladies. When I arrived at St. Gabriel’s, a cheerful woman came up to me with a hug and said, “You must be Toni. Come in.”

You know how you get that nervous feeling when you enter a crowded room and you don’t know a single soul? Well, that didn’t happen. Everyone was friendly and smiling. They were having a turkey dinner buffet and a guest speaker from Market Street. Joel Lomas talked about the beautiful holiday decorations and table scape that he brought, and shared some decorating tips.


After the demo, there was a raffle drawing. The first number called was for a red vase from the table, and the second was for a yummy two layered carrot cake. I was very surprised when my number was called for the carrot cake, I love carrot cake! Plus, I have enough glassware to start my own store. I felt very lucky. There were over fifty ladies there, and I won! New member’s luck.

All in all, it was a pretty lucky day. When I walked in the morning, I found a lucky penny and a few nails and screws in the road, again SAVING THE WORLD from tire damage.

I’m sending you a big smile. It’s the universal welcome. (This is not my smile. I don’t have such pretty teeth and lips. Thank goodness for Google images.)


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