Friday Night Lights and Festivities

29 Nov

“The holidays drape us in magic and give us the hope that we can do better than we have done in the past
~Toni Sorenson
McKinney was hosting their Home For the Holidays festivities this weekend. The Square was teeming with visitors. I had to drive around quite a while to find a place to park. A nice long walk around the busy streets packed with people, kids and strollers. After snapping a lot of pictures, I took a break at Sweet Spot for a double scoop of ice cream,

After visiting with my friend, the Grinch, I found a comfy seat inside Sweet Spot and did a lot of people watching until the tree lighting ceremony at 6pm. The weather was cool, yet perfect for that holiday feeling.

I’ve never seen so many people on the Square. I had a chance to chat with Mayor Brian Loughmiller and his wife, Donna. That’s what I love about McKinney, everyone knows everyone.

I was standing right in front of the Christmas tree for the lighting. Perfect photo op position.

It was a beautiful evening. The holidays begin!


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