Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Seek and Ye Shall Find

11 Dec

“I’ve noticed that sometimes when we aren’t actively searching for something, what we seek, finds us.”
― Darryl Webb
I haven’t posted pictures of my saving the world from flat tires lately, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been finding nails in the road on my daily walks. I’m not really searching for them, but with my extremely heightened sense of sight and keen observational skills, ( Just kidding) I always seem to find nails, screws, and dangerously pointy objects. There’s a lot of new construction going on in the neighborhood, so my work here is not done. Where’s my cape?

Here is a photo of what I picked up just today.

Last week, I picked up a zillion nails. I often joke that the home owner’s association should pay me for my daily diligence. Then, something funny happened. I was walking briskly, glancing by the curb, and what did I see?

Wow! A twenty dollar bill! I guess I did get paid for my efforts. I wasn’t searching, it found me. I guess sometimes you do get paid for your good deeds. Pretty cool! Here’s some of last week’s discovery.

I’ve found that being a good, caring, faithful, loyal, creative, generous, and conscientious person is it’s own reward. You noticed that I failed to mention modest. You know I’m kidding! I am kinda of funny, though. Right?


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