Saturday Sunshine, the Square and Bridal Show

18 Jan

“Every bride is beautiful. It’s like newborn babies or puppies. They can’t help it.”
― Emme Rollins, Dear Rockstar
Finally! The sun brought a smile of warmer weather. After more than a week of grey, gloom and the flu, I went out for a lovely morning walk before my writing group. Mandy and I met at Sweet Spot Bakery, went over some pages, then had lunch at Cadillac Pizza. The Square was packed with visitors.

Later, I strolled around the Square, visited with friends, then checked out the Bridal Show at MPAC. I bumped into my friend Khrymsun Parker at her booth. She shared some interesting wedding rituals from different countries and cultures.

There were dozens of booths with wedding venues and helpful ideas. I actually had a lady ask me, “Do you have your wedding dress yet?” I wanted to say, “I have a 40 year old, yellowed and tattered wedding dress in my closet that makes me want to vomit,” but I just smiled and walked along.

My main reason for checking out the show was to see the cakes that Miss Elizabeth made for their display. But, it was fun to see all displays and the young girls with their excited faces.

Good job, Miss Elizabeth. I’ll keep practicing.

I went home, threw on my gym shoes and went for a very long brisk walk. I ran into my neighbor, Kathy, and walked with her all the way down to Baylor Hospital and back. About an hour and a half later, I was good and tired. Mostly tired, not sure about good. I had a cup of tea and made a bunch of phone calls. It was a lovely day.

Now for a night cap! Or dessert? Or both rolled into one yummy Black Russian.


One Response to “Saturday Sunshine, the Square and Bridal Show”

  1. agriffith1 January 19, 2015 at 12:45 pm #

    Elizabeth’s cake topped the showstopping sights! A true masterpiece! I still love looking at wedding dresses and with a “clean the attic out” project rapidly approaching, dread finding the state of mine. I’m jealous your house is sold and your new dwelling is fully decked. You’re a hardworking woman and now should enjoy the fruits of your Black Russians. On Saturday afternoon, my spirits plummeted mainly because the piece I shared on the Garland student was not at the calibre I require to win a contest in July. Sunday morning, when I mustered heart to implement edits from our writing group (just you and me, sadly but as it turns out gladly), something magical had transformed the piece into risen bread! If I punch a couple more times and place it in a warm nested retreat, I think I might see a inkling of hope. So, THANK YOU because you’ve no idea how many lives you touch. You did the job of four people, literally.

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