Thursday: Thoughts and Prayers Requested

30 Jan

Prayer is exhaling the spirit of man and inhaling the spirit of God.
~ Edwin Keith
Today, I am combining my DAY 1 Humility Challenge from Lynn Parkes with my Thursday Blog. The challenge is not to talk about myself, but to encourage others. I’d like to think that I do that occasionally, but I have a very serious request to ask of you. This will give encouragement to a family in need.

You may or may not know that I’m a huge believer in prayer, angels, blessings, love and friendship, and I know many of you are too. I would like to share a letter from my friends, Barb and Don Wagner, and I encourage you, actually, I implore you to take a few minutes to say a special prayer for their grandson, MARK. I know prayers and good thoughts work because I have been the recipient of many, and I honestly believe that is why I am here today. Here is the letter,..
We would like you all to keep Mark Wagner (27), son of Jon Wagner and grandson of Barb & Don Wagner in your prayers. Mark has been ill for over three years, and no one could put their finger on the cause of his constant pain and multiple kidney stones. He went to the emergency room many, many times for pain and stones.

Many doctors later, UW-Madison found out that two medical institutions misdiagnosed Mark’s real problem. The tumors are growing on his liver, which they say right now are not cancerous, but in time they will probably turn to cancer. These two institutions never told Mark about the enzymes that were in his kidneys, traveling to his spleen and liver. UW-Madison doctors told Mark if they would have treated these enzymes earlier, he would not be having the pain, stones and liver problem today.

Mark just got out of the hospital last Tuesday after they found that he was bleeding internally from his spleen. They found the cause and stopped the internal bleeding. While there, he got pneumonia. After treating him for pneumonia, he was finally released from the hospital. He was told that he could never be left alone because of his condition, anything could happen.

Right now Mark was told his only option is a liver transplant and their hoping he can get one within three months. He is on the state and national list for a transplant. The time limit he has is nine months for a liver transplant, and if he doesn’t get one, it could be the last straw for this young man. He then would have to be treated with Chemo and etc. and hopefully shrink the tumors.

So good people, we are asking for your prayers for Mark as we know God does hear them. Right now he is a prisoner in his own home.
( The Wagner family has been quiet and patient until now. Now, they are requesting prayers for Mark. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the young man. God will hear your prayers. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t believe in prayer, your good thoughts and hopeful wishes will be heard. You just have to think…I hope Mark will get better and that he finds a liver donor. Those thoughts go out into the cosmos. That’s what prayer is.) THANK YOU SO MUCH!



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