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Wednesday Words of Wisdom

22 Jan

“What you think about yourself is more important than what others think about you.”
― Debasish Mridha
It is true, how we feel about and see ourselves is the most important thing. And you know what? I’m pretty proud of myself. I like who I am, and I know I’m a good, honest, loyal, faithful person, and…I like myself.

But, I have to admit, I think it’s very important what others think about me, too. I have had the great honor of having dozens of friends tell me that I’ve made a difference in their lives, and they feel blessed to know me. MAN… It doesn’t get better than that! If you can positively influence just one person in your lifetime, “ya done good.”

I saw this cute cartoon on Facebook that made me smile. As I get older, I don’t see a little old lady in my shadow, I see a young ballerina that loves to dance, and sing, and play.

This morning, while I was walking and the sun reflected my shadow on the street. I contemplated my shadow, the reflection of who I am. I smiled and took this picture with my phone.

My jacket was wrapped around my waist, and my shadow reminded me of the cartoon…a young ballerina dancing in the sun. That’s how I see myself.

Have a great day my friends. I’m sending you a hug!


Tuesday: Toni’s Tip of the Day: Use Your Pretty Broom

21 Jan

“The great art of giving consists in this the gift should cost very little and yet be greatly coveted, so that it may be the more highly appreciated.”
― Baltasar Gracián
Another beautiful day here in McKinney. After my one hour Zumba class this morning, I went for a long walk and soaked up the sunshine. When I came home, I remembered that the garage needed some sweeping. I have a regular broom, but I noticed the decorative broom that my mom had painted for me some fifteen or more years ago. So, I decided to use it to sweep. It was a broom, after all.

While I was sweeping, I thought, “I should use my pretty things instead of saving them for a rainy day.” Why do we save the fine china or the good silver for special occasions only? Life is short. We should enjoy our things now. So, I used my beautiful broom, and I smiled, thinking about my beautiful mom who can turn a plain old household broom into a work of art.

My gift cost very little, but is greatly coveted and highly appreciated.


Another tip: Mother’s are very special people, so don’t forget to tell them how much you love and appreciate them. I call my mother EVERY DAY and tell her.


Montage Monday and a Little MLK

20 Jan

“Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.”
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
In honor of Dr. King, I’d like to share a few quotes. I especially like this one about faith. Sometimes the first step is the hardest and the scariest,


A week in a peek.


Sunday Sermon and Some More Sunshine

19 Jan

“You and I read the same books and hear the same sermons and we come away with different messages. That has to be evidence of some serious problem, right?”
― Dave Eggers, Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever?
Here’s my take on today’s Gospel. Sometimes I come away with a different message, too.

When the two disciple followed Jesus, He asked them, “What are you looking for?” They weren’t sure, but they knew something important was happening and they needed to follow. Jesus said, “Come, and you will see.”

I’m not sure what I am looking for or what’s going to happen next either, but I will follow. All we can do is be honest, faithful, loyal, loving and kind. If we believe and follow these teachings of our faith, then…well…then we will see.

Gospel JN 1:35-42

John was standing with two of his disciples,
and as he watched Jesus walk by, he said,
“Behold, the Lamb of God.”
The two disciples heard what he said and followed Jesus.
Jesus turned and saw them following him and said to them,
“What are you looking for?”
They said to him, “Rabbi” — which translated means Teacher —,
“where are you staying?”
He said to them, “Come, and you will see.”
So they went and saw where Jesus was staying,
and they stayed with him that day…
After Mass, I stopped at the store, then came home, put on my gym shoes and went for a long walk. It was a beautiful, gloriously sunny day. The three little ducks that inhabit the nearby pond were quacking and waddling around. The sad part was, a lot of garbage and plastic debris from the previous windy days had found its way to the shoreline. The busy duck family bobbed and searched around the garbage looking for food. I thought to myself, “It doesn’t matter what the neighborhood looks like or how bad the situation is, if the family is together, that’s all that matters.” That goes for ducks and people.

I so desperately wanted to hold on to the warmth of the day, so after my walk, I placed a lawn chair at the end of the garage by the driveway, plopped down with my chair facing the setting sun, and closed my eyes, absorbing every melting moment. (I caught myself dozing off with a nod several times.) It was glorious!



Saturday Sunshine, the Square and Bridal Show

18 Jan

“Every bride is beautiful. It’s like newborn babies or puppies. They can’t help it.”
― Emme Rollins, Dear Rockstar
Finally! The sun brought a smile of warmer weather. After more than a week of grey, gloom and the flu, I went out for a lovely morning walk before my writing group. Mandy and I met at Sweet Spot Bakery, went over some pages, then had lunch at Cadillac Pizza. The Square was packed with visitors.

Later, I strolled around the Square, visited with friends, then checked out the Bridal Show at MPAC. I bumped into my friend Khrymsun Parker at her booth. She shared some interesting wedding rituals from different countries and cultures.

There were dozens of booths with wedding venues and helpful ideas. I actually had a lady ask me, “Do you have your wedding dress yet?” I wanted to say, “I have a 40 year old, yellowed and tattered wedding dress in my closet that makes me want to vomit,” but I just smiled and walked along.

My main reason for checking out the show was to see the cakes that Miss Elizabeth made for their display. But, it was fun to see all displays and the young girls with their excited faces.

Good job, Miss Elizabeth. I’ll keep practicing.

I went home, threw on my gym shoes and went for a very long brisk walk. I ran into my neighbor, Kathy, and walked with her all the way down to Baylor Hospital and back. About an hour and a half later, I was good and tired. Mostly tired, not sure about good. I had a cup of tea and made a bunch of phone calls. It was a lovely day.

Now for a night cap! Or dessert? Or both rolled into one yummy Black Russian.


Friday: Firemen, Friends, and Fiery Skies

17 Jan

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”
― Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds
This morning’s walk was quite interesting. Several fire trucks went zipping down the street. Diane and I walked down the street to check it out. There was a garage fire on Green Moss. There were at least four fire trucks from different stations. The neighbor said that the lady next door saw the fire and turned her hose on it while she called 911. She probably saved the day. (Sounds familiar. I did that in July of 2013 for my neighbor.) Thats why it’s good to have good neighbors.

Later in the day, my friend Lynne called and asked if I wanted to join her for lunch. I had my coat on and ready in two minutes. She gave me a beautiful belated birthday present, a beautiful bracelet.

Then, I went over to Sweet Spot Bakery. Miss Elizabeth let me play with the pastry bag and a pretend wedding cake. I practiced, but was pretty bad, so she finished the cake for the McKinney Bridal Show at MPAC this weekend. Someday I’ll be this good, just not yet.

To add fun to my day, I stopped to do a little retail therapy. Nothing perks you up like a new outfit.

On my way home, I saw the fiery sky and snapped a quick pic at the stoplight. “To add color to my sunset sky.”



Theme Song Thursday: Change

16 Jan

“The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself.”
― C. JoyBell C.
Like the song, “I keep waiting on the world to change.”

Since the world isn’t going to change all by itself, I guess I’ll have to do my part, little baby steps at a time. And now that my life is in a constant state of flux, (what is flux, anyway?) I decided to do a little personal update and get a new haircut and style. My friend, Gaby, just started working at Salon Eskape in Plano, and asked if I’d be interested in a hair cut and a new look. I definitely need a new look and to feel special and pampered for a change.

I have NEVER pampered myself. I never had my hair professionally colored, and highlights added. I don’t get my nails done, go to spas, or go for a massage. WHAT AM I WAITING FOR? Old age? I’m already there. So, I put myself, or rather my hair, into Gaby’s very capable hands. TIME FOR A CHANGE!

Step one: take a before picture and just let go.

Step two: cover your head in foil so aliens cannot read your thoughts or abduct you from the salon.

Step three: be patient…four hours later, you have silky, beautiful hair, and Gaby has worked her magic.
Step four: take picture with the cutest little stylist this side of the Rio Grande.

Step five: go home, put on a cute dress, and take a “happy-selfie” to share with your friends. Change is good!


Sorry, forgot to put Gaby up there in step four. Oops!

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

15 Jan

“I understand that we’re smarter than me.
That’s one reason I like the idea of sharing.”
― Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity
I’m still teetering on the brink of …I’m feeling better and where’s the Tylenol. I’ll get a burst of energy that lasts for fifteen minutes, then I have to lay down. Or is it lie down? I’m too cranky to look it up or even care. So, my words of wisdom today shall be photos, funny quotes, and wisdom shared by my Facebook friends.

I like the idea of sharing, and yes, there are a lot of people out there smarter than me. (Well, maybe a couple.)










Tuesday: Today’s Trials, Tomorrow’s Triumphs

14 Jan

“The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value. I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress and grow.”
― Thomas Paine
All of you reading this entry right now have traveled this journey with me, whether for the first time or from day one, you are why I write.

January 1, 2013, my incredibly happy, care-free life inspired me to create a blog, with a personal challenge of attempting to write every single day for an entire year. It was fun in the beginning, sharing photos and fun events happening all around me. The words came easily, and every day was an adventure. Half way through the year, my world came crashing down.

It wasn’t easy to complete my goal. Lies, cheating, and ultimate betrayal spun me around and knocked me down, but I kept on writing. My friends and family got me through the bleakest hours, and I kept on writing. Every painful day, I tried to focus on something positive to post. I shared photos of glorious sunsets or inspiring Sunday sermons while tears streamed down my face. I kept on writing.

By the end of 2013, I met my challenge and didn’t miss a post, even when in the hospital. I had around 10,000 views that first year. I was ecstatic, and honestly, very surprised. All the interesting comments and friends I made along the way inspired me to continue writing every day. My blog has journaled another year of my life, and you have traveled along with me through 2014.

I no longer write with salty tears on my face, but rather with a smile of TRIUMPH, strength, and commitment. I have endless stories to share, and YOU are the reason… I’ll keep on writing. THANK YOU!

I wanted to share my stats after the second year on wordpress. When I saw over 30,000 total views and over 1,000 comments, I knew exactly what I was meant to do. “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

I’ll be writing my “great American novel.” I take that back, more like I’ll be writing a lot of books and stories. Stay tuned!



Montage Monday: A Week in Peek

13 Jan

“Sometimes the best journeys are those, that start when we do not plan, continue how we do not expect and are taking us places we do not know.”
― Aisha Mirza
This was a busy birthday week, with celebrations, presents, phone calls, cards in the mail, hundreds of birthday wishes, lunches, laughs, and endless friends. You know when you are truly blessed, when you couldn’t possibly mention and thank every person by name without it looking like the white pages telephone directory. But, thank you one and all. I had a great time. I had the time of my life! Oh no, I feel a “show tune” coming on!

Here’s a week in a peek.

This journey is not what I planned or expected, but I know it will bring the best journey down the road.