Tuesday Tips From Toni: Don’t Go Stir Crazy

25 Feb


~Wes Campton


Another iced-in day here in north Texas. Yes, they close down the entire world here. Of course, the neighbor kids all love another snow day. They go out and play and enjoy the ice, while us old folks sit inside with a cup of hot tea, still in their Jammies till noon. OK, that was just me.

But, it warmed up later in the afternoon. I was going stir crazy, so I bundled up and went out for a long walk. Yes, I’m crazy! So, here’s my tip for Tuesday.

When the going gets tough and cold, the tough go out for a walk, listen to books on tape, and cook a lot of comfort food, just in case they get snowed-in for a week.

The ducks in the pond were enjoying the day, and so did I. Good to be outside.

I made a whole bunch of eggplant parmesan, pasta and salad. Enough to feed a small army or just me for a month. I’m prepared! 

The forecast for tomorrow is more snow. Oh no! Another stir crazy day!

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