Saturday on the Square and St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

15 Mar

May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past.

~ Old IRISH Saying


I had a lovely morning with Mandy and Julia at our writing group. We spent most of the time chatting, sharing stories, and laughing. I think that’s the best atmosphere for creativity. Afterwards, Mandy and I zipped down to the Square for a leisurely lunch at SNUG. It was pretty crowded. I totally forgot the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Everyone was dressed in green, with green hats, shamrocks, and painted faces. 

I had the pleasure of running into my dear friends Sherri and Michael MURPHY. Gee, I wonder why they would be celebrating? Here’s Michael Murphy taking a picture of me while I’m taking a picture of him. We do this all the time.

Mr. Murphy took my picture like this. It’s a little inside joke with me and Sherri.

Open arms, always welcoming! These two are the best!

It was a bit chilly, cloudy, with an occasional mist in the air, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the festivities. Everyone was happy and everyone was Irish.

I stopped by the Visitors Center to visit with my friend Beth Shumate. What a sweet gal! 

Even Big Foot got I to the spirit.

This little red head was happy as a lark, enjoying the day.

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