Wednesday: Walkin’ and Talkin’ to Strangers and Lucky Pennies

7 May
“Meeting a stranger can be totally fleeting and meaningless, for example, unless you enter the individual’s world by finding out at least one thing that is meaningful to his or her life and exchange at least one genuine feeling. Tuning in to others is a circular flow: you send yourself out toward people; you receive them as they respond to you.” 
― Deepak ChopraThe Book of Secrets: Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life


It was a lucky day today. But then again, I guess any day you open your eyes is a lucky day, isn’t it? I went for an early morning walk with my neighbor, Diane. We were total strangers a few months ago, but it only took a single “Hello” and a short conversation…instant friends. I found a lucky penny on our walk this morning. Then, I found another penny when I stopped at Walgreens in the afternoon. It was literally right by my feet when I got out of my car. After I got home and was on my evening walk, yes…yet another lucky penny on the street on my path. A three penny day.

While I was walking, I stopped and chatted with an elderly gentleman who usually sits in his garage watching people go by. I always joke because there are two chairs, and when his wife isn’t sitting there I say, “I see you saved me a seat.” He jokes back and says, “Come on. Want a beer?” I laugh and say maybe next time, and continue on my walk. This has gone on for months.

Today, I noticed the empty chair and I walked up the driveway and plopped down and said, “Where’s my beer?” When Larry started to get up, I said, “Oh, I’m just kidding. I can’t drink and walk.” I asked where Miss Sandy was and he said she was inside making dinner, I said, “Thank goodness. I’m getting hungry, too.” Seriously, I think I would have been invited for dinner if I was serious. After hearing about Larry’s day of searching for parts for his radios and antenna, I told him I better get going. He said, “Do you have time to see Sandy’s garden in the back?”

Well, of course I did. We walked in through the garage and Larry shouted, “Sandy, Toni’s here to see your garden.” You would have thought I was an old friend. We walked out the back door and I was given a plant by plant, tree by tree dissertation on each growth. About half an hour later, I said I needed to continue my walk. On my way out, Larry showed me his leather tooling hobbies and guitar collection.

These were total strangers not that long ago, but I stopped to make a few jokes, say hello, and as the quote above says, “I entered an individual’s world by finding out at least one thing that is meaningful to his or her life.”

Larry and Sandy. Very proud of their garden. The good news is, come harvest time, I may be stopping by a little bit more often. Fresh veggies!


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