Sentimental Saturday:What a Didifference a Year Makes

16 May

When life clips your wings, God sends you angels to help you fly.

~Toni Andrukaitis


“The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.” 
― J.M. BarrieThe Little White Bird


Yesterday, after rain, running, and a broken tooth, I was looking forward to an evening of uplifting spiritual music and friendship. My friend and world’s best realtor (blatant plug), Linda Grossman, had invited me to a Texas God Chicks event at the Sanctuary in McKinney. It was a Christian women’s dinner and musical celebration.

The funny thing is, my friend and neighbor, Sheila Johnson, had invited me to this same event last year. It came at a very low dark time in my life, but the comraderie, friendship, songs, and prayers shared by a room full of faithful loving females was overwhelming. At the end of the function, women who were in need of healing were encouraged to walk up to the front and have one of the many spiritual friends hug them and pray with them.

I remember last year, Sheila held me tight and prayed for God to give me strength and help me heal. This year, I went up to Sheila again, and she said, “Girl, you have come such a long way. You are beautiful and happy and God has smiled on you. We are going to pray for His continued blessing.”

What a difference a year makes. My wings had been clipped, but God sent me many, many, many angels to help me fly. I’m still not soaring on my own, and who knows if my wings will heal completely and I’ll be able to fly solo, but I always have my angels. You know who you are. 


Thank you Linda Grossaman for being one of my many angels.



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