Theme Song Thursday : Happy Birthday

26 Jun

“May today be the best birthday of your life, I give you my heart as the most precious gift I can give you and I promise I always will love you.” ― Auliq Ice


Today was the monthly birthday party celebration at The Greens of Elgin. They celebrated all the June birthdays, so Mom was excited. I was excited too. Cake and ice cream ! What’s not to like?

Mom is in the pale pink. She ate all her ice cream and I ate all her frosting. She doesn’t like frosting. Not sure if we are really related?

Today’s theme song. 

I’m having fun visiting with all these spry seniors. I hope that I’m this much fun and optimistic in twenty or thirty years. They are amazing. Perhaps the last of a more refined , gentile, and dignified generation. 


Look at this wonderful cake that Chef Tim made. I managed to eat two pieces , but after all, it was my breakfast. 


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