Theme Song Thursday: High Hopes

10 Jul

Friends are like ants, they walk into your life unnoticed and take over your life as if its like their own. But unlike ants they leave behind million smiles, uncountable memories.

Hanif Hassan Barbhuiya


When you do as much walking outside as I do, you can’t help but notice the wonders of nature, and embrace all the sights and sounds. I love to hear the chirping birds, a distant train whistle, or admire the wild flowers and weeds on my path. 

The other day, I stopped to admire a huge colony of ants, busy at work, all with a job to do. It made me think how ants work so tirelessly for the good of the colony. They don’t give up and they think they can move mountains. I bet they can. 

I’d like to be strong, hard working, faithful, and as energetic as an ant. It made me think of the theme song for today…

Like the little ant… I have “high hopes.”

Now , these ants are working hard.  

Strong is my only option!

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