Friday: Finding Lucky Pennies and Old Familiar Faces and Places

17 Jul

Find the right paths for your journey. Travel along these paths to your final destination.

Lailah Gifty Akita, Beautiful Quotes


Those of you who know me and familiar with my stories know about my lucky pennies. I find them all the time. To me, they are messages or signs from above, either my guardian angel or a loved one. But, one thing is certain, someone up there is looking out for me. That I know. 

I’m back from Chicago and back into my old routine. I went to kickboxing class this morning. Man! It kicked my you know what. Then, not to ignore my old routine , I went for a walk in the sweltering heat. Ok , it was only 94 degrees, but very sunny. 

Just a few minutes into my walk, I found a lucky penny on the street, and a small sharp, but possibly dangerous screw. ( Saving the world from flat tires) Ah, my old familiar signs. 

Then, I walked along my path by the pond and past the farm, and I saw my old equine friends grazing in the field. The young fillies and colts have gotten big, and were hiding under the shady trees. 


I am so fortunate to have such a scenic walking path. 

I met a new colorful friend today on my journey.  He looked hot and tired, but took time out to pose for a picture. 

Later in the afternoon, I had a lovely lunch with my neighbor, Diane , who watched my house, got my mail and watered my plants while I was away. 

It was a Ftiday filled with old familiar faces and places.  


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