Montage Monday

21 Jul

They talked in the shorthand of old friends and shared memories.Dee Henderson, Before I Wake


I’ve been back home for a week now. It was funny though, last Tuesday morning, I got up early for Zumba after only four or give hours of sleep, ran into my  closet to get ready, rummaged through my not-quite unpacked suitcase for a tank top , then couldn’t find any socks. Where do I keep my socks??? I was gone five weeks and forgot where everything was. Old age? 

Now, I’m back home and back to normal. Back to Zumba, friends in the neighborhood , artist friends at Creative Community , friends on the square and Sweet Spot Bakery, Mandy visiting from CA for a week , lunch with girlfriends , walking in the 100 degree heat, baking brownies, etc.  It’s like I never left. (FYI- I did eventually find my socks )

A week in a peek …


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