Friday : Feathers, Friends, and a Fridge Full of Fast Food

25 Jul

A heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers.Suzy Kassem


Friday again? Man… where did the week go ? Kickboxing class this morning was such a rush that I came home, grabbed my sunglasses, ND visor and went for a run. Did I say run? It actually was a joggle. That’s what I call my slow run, half jog and half jiggle wiggle. I only lasted about 20 minutes in the heat, but in my defense, I had to get home and shower  before my 11 o’clock dentist appointment. 

My appointment was quick, just adjusting a crown, and I was out in 18 minutes. Off to the square to visit friends at Sweet Spot Bakery, then lunch with Lynda at The Pantry. Awesome chicken fried chicken. Shoulda taken a picture. You’d be jealous. 

Stopped to run some errands on my way home , and found a lucky feather. A sign!

Did I mention I go out to eat a lot? Well, when I came home to put my doggie bag of chicken in the fridge, there wasn’t much room. Can you tell where I’ve been in the last few days?

You should see the freezer! Maybe another time. Everytime I open the jam- packed freezer full of leftovers, invariably something hard and frozen slides out and falls on my foot. 

It was a good day. Oooh! Not done yet. It’s Black Russian Friday. Yay !


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