Tuesday: Today On the Square, In the News

16 Sep

Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.H. Jackson Brown Jr.


This morning: Zumba, an hour walk, then a text from Kathryn asking for any suggestions for her Channel 5 News interview with Meredith Yeomans about the controversial parking garage proposal for the McKinney square. 

Kathryn Waite lives just a few houses away from the bustling downtown in the historic district of McKinney. I met her last week when she asked for assistance in starting her Facebook page, SOS- Support Our Square.  I was happy to help. 

She invited me to join her and several other neighbors before the interview. I don’t live on the east side or anywhere near the square, but I spend a lot of time there. I love the quaint atmosphere and the wonderful people. It is important to get involved in your community. 

Everyone agrees a parking garage is needed, but the proposed location would be a monstrosity of a 5 level parking garage right as you drive into the square. It would be unsightly, and detract from the charm. Several other proposed sites were rejected even though they would have worked better. ( Sounds fishy to me.)

Kathryn Waite. I just saw the interview on the news. Great job, Kathryn!


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